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Dr . Sridhar Reddy

DR sridhar



Born in 1967 into a rural family. His grandfather was a freedom fighter and later became Samatvananda Swamiji, after renunciation. His father Vemana Reddy was a disciple of Shri Vinobha Bhave, lived in Vinobhas Asram. Later, he took up Govt. Service to discharge his duty towards his mother and brothers. Having such traditional lineage, Dr. Sridhar was inclined towards ideals of Red Cross during college days. By the time he joined Dental Graduation, his father was bed-ridden and the family was in dire straits. However, he thrived to become a highly proficient Oral Health Expert. As Student Leader of Junior Doctors, he led struggles to enhance the conditions in Public Hospitals. He was successful in impressing Govt. to moot the idea of National Pool Exam for Students in 1989.

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